Condair ESCO live steam humidifier

The Condair ESCO uses steam from a building’s existing steam network to provide humidification to an air handling unit (AHU) or duct. It conditions the steam to remove condensation and ensures that only dry steam is delivered for humidity control.

It can operate at up to 4bar and provide up to 2,000kg/hr of humidification to an AHU. It incorporates a ceramic rotary disc valve that offers 0-100% modulation, very close control and prevents the possibility of steam leakage when closed.

The Condair ESCO’s patented steam lance has tiny inner nozzles that draw steam only from the centre of the steam lance, where it is at its hottest and driest. This ensures that any condensation that occurs around the cooler outer edges is not introduced to the duct.

Unlike other live steam humidifiers that incorporate pre-heated steam lances to avoid this “spitting”, the ESCO’s steam lance reduces heat transfer to the air stream and provides instant humidity on demand without any pre-heating time needed.

The Condair ESCO is available in cast iron or stainless steel models with a variety of steam pipe options to suit duct dimensions and satisfy required absorption distances.

Features and benefits

  • Uses a building’s existing steam for humidification
  • High capacity up to 2,000kg/hr
  • Operates at up to 4bar
  • Ceramic rotary valve for 0-100% modulation & close control
  • Patented steam lance without the need for pre-heating

Using a building's existing steam supply

For any building with an existing clean steam supply, the Condair ESCO is the ideal humidification system. It presents very low operating costs with minimal service requirements.

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