New Jetspray Compact from Condair

Condair is launching the JetSpray Compact, a new low capacity direct room spray humidifier. It uses compressed air to create very fine aerosols from two nozzles, which can deliver up to 30 kilos of humidity every hour to a room’s atmosphere.

The wall-mounted system is ideal for use in industries such as printing, textile and food production, where a local process or small room might need accurate and reliable, low energy humidification. To provide 30kg of humidification, an electric steam humidifier would consume around 22kW, whereas the JetSpray Compact would only need around 2.5kW. This equates to approximately 90% less electrical consumption.

Spray humidifiers also offer the additional benefit of evaporative cooling. When a cold water humidifier introduces 30kg of moisture to an atmosphere, around 20kW of cooling is generated. For any process that benefits from additional cooling, this could significantly reduce air conditioning costs, or simply make a warm environment much more pleasant.

The JetSpray Compact can operate on mains or RO water and will control an environment to around +/-4%RH. It incorporates automated flush and drain cycles to combat microbial growth and ensure hygienic humidification. An optional PureFlo antimicrobial water filter is also available to treat the incoming water supply.

The humidifier is supplied fully assembled and just needs to be wall-mounted, then connected to power, water and drain. As no installation of additional nozzles or associated pipework is required, it is a very easy system to install.

User control is via a remotely located humidistat with a digital display. The user can set their desired humidity level and the humidistat will monitor the atmosphere and control the output of the humidifier accordingly.

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The JetSpray Compact, a new low capacity direct room spray humidifier

It uses compressed air to create very fine aerosols from two nozzles

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Get free, expert advice on spray humidification

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