New Condair Logistics and Production site for EMEA in Hamburg/Norderstedt




The Swiss Condair Group, a global leader in humidification and evaporative cooling, initiated the construction of a production and logistics facility for EMEA in Norderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein. It will also contain the new sales office for Central Europe. The laying of the foundation stone for the 8,500 m2 large warehouse, production and office building takes place on May 3rd, 2016 on the Nordport Areal, in close proximity to Hamburg Airport. The Minister for Economic Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein, Reinhard Meyer, and the First City Council and Construction Department Head of Norderstedt, Thomas Bosse, will attend this festive occasion. The new Condair facility will be constructed on a 13,000 m2 lot and is built according to the EnEV and KfW-50 guidelines. Through built-in triple glazing windows and additional technical measures, the building will almost achieve the passive house standard. The new location will offer an innovative and modern workplace for around 130 employees.

The new company site in Norderstedt, close to Hamburg, will play a crucial role for future operations: Through their move to Schleswig-Holstein, the four current logistics and assembly facilities in Switzerland (Pfäffikon), Germany (Hamburg-City), England (Rustington) and Denmark (Ry) will be merged into one location. Also integrated into the new facility will be the German Sales Depot, as well as Draabe Industrietechnik GmbH (Hamburg-City), Condair’s sales organization focused on industrial and commercial end customers. This results in a central hub close to Hamburg’s metropolitan region, in perfect connections to air, land and water, for the logistics of Europe, Middle East and Africa and parts of Asia and Oceania.

The visionary interior design of the new building will reflect the topic of humidity and evaporative cooling and provide a unique experience to customers and visitors. Some of the features will be virtual installations with water vapor, as well as weather stations which reflect the outside climate conditions of all international Condair locations.

A healthy indoor climate will also be visualized and lived in the new building. Hence, Condair will ensure a healthy working climate:

  • Humidity always between 40 and 60% r. H.
  • Temperature always between 22 and 26 °C
  • CO2 always below 800 ppm
  • Energy consumption [kWh] average always better than EnEV / KfW-50 guidelines

The newest Condair products and their functionality will be presented on mobile and modular furniture. Besides an attractive office area, a state of the art training center will provide an ideal surrounding for customer and employee education.

Oliver Zimmermann, CEO of Condair explains: "With our new location in Norderstedt we lay a solid foundation for further organic growth. We will be closer to our key markets and customers, thereby enabling faster delivery and maximizing customer benefit. We also minimize foreign exchange risk. We are convinced that the seal ‘Engineered in Switzerland, Made in Germany’ will meet the high quality requirements of our customers."

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