Humidifiers enhance fermentation at Bajrang Tea

JetSpray humidifiers from Condair are maintaining an optimum 95% relative humidity (%RH) above the continuous fermentation machines at Bajrang Tea factory in West Bengal, maximising the quality of the tea produced there. The improved humidity control has resulted in enhanced fermentation of the tea with better infusion and liquor, and ultimately a higher market value.

Before the humidification system was installed by Regent Humidification, Condair’s representative in India, Bajrang Tea was maintaining around 74%RH in the fermentation area. The previous humidification system was failing to provide the high level of humidity required in the area, resulting in the tea losing 10% of its weight from moisture loss during fermentation. As the leaf’s internal moisture content is the catalyst for oxidation, and therefore vital for successful fermentation, any loss in the tea’s moisture level will impact on the quality of the final tea.

Aditya Agarwal, Director of Darshananand Holdings Pvt Ltd, the company that owns Bajrang Tea Factory, commented, “We constantly monitor and record the humidity levels in our fermentation area as we know how vital it is for our production quality. Before we had the JetSpray humidifier, we were unable to achieve the high humidity levels we needed. Our previous humidification system also tended to cause wet patches on the floor nearby. However, since we had the JetSpray humidifier installed, the area is consistently at 95%RH and we’ve managed to virtually eliminate weight loss from the tea during fermentation.

“This means the moisture stays in the leaf, improving the tea’s fermentation and enhancing the quality of our finished product. We’ve found the JetSpray humidifier very easy to operate and the use of compressed air in the aerosol ensures we never get any drips from the nozzles or wetting on the floor. We are very happy with the system and the service provided by Regent Humidification and Condair.”

The humidification system installed at Bajrang Tea is capable of providing up to 187 litres of moisture per hour to the atmosphere. Rows of precision engineered nozzles are located in the ceiling space above the CFM machines and combine compressed air and water to produce the finest sprays that rapidly evaporate.

As many nozzles are located throughout the area, the optimum humidity is achieved evenly across the room. This is unlike spinning disc humidifiers or other types of “spot” humidification systems that provide a large quantity of moisture from a central point and rely on air movement to disperse it.

As fermentation areas are typically experiencing around 15 air exchanges per hour, the room needs an extremely high humidification output to successfully maintain 95-98%RH, which is the ideal condition for tea fermentation. A single JetSpray system can deliver up to 600 litres per hour making it ideal for use in these areas. The humidifier incorporates automated flush and drain cycles, which prevent water from remaining in the system to stagnate and ensure hygienic operation.

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JetSpray humidifier at tea factory

Shantanu Bhattacharya (left), Manager Bajrang Tea Factory and Jaydeep Dasgupta (right), Owner Regent Humidification

Bajrang Tea Factory

Humidification above the CFM machine improves oxidation

Get free, expert advice on tea factory humidification

Get free, expert advice on tea factory humidification

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